Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have Mercy

Last night I attended Alliance for Animals' 3rd annual Vegantines.  This event is wonderful and all the money goes to a great cause.  The Heart of Madison award winners and the speaker Rae Sikora were very inspiring.  Going along with the theme of Valentine's Day and love, Rae presented us with many instances where animals demonstrate their love, even across species barriers.  She pointed out that, while these animals constantly demonstrate their understanding of our complex emotions, we have little insight into theirs.  The only way that we ever understand them is if it is relateable to our own emotions.  It is very short-sighted to believe that animals aren't fully capable of love, pain, anguish, happiness, depression, anxiety, etc.  Anyone that lives with an animal, knows that they have seen these emotions in their companions.  To believe that these emotions are only exhibited in our house pets is absurd!  Farm animals and fish are completely capable of feeling these complex emotions, and if they are left to live their lives freely, you can witness this yourself.  There is nothing to distinguish between the beings we call our "pets" and those beings we call "food."  We are all in this fight of life together.  All we want is to be free so that we can live our lives and be happy.  We are all capable of love.  Widen your circle of love and compassion this year to include all beings.

Please take a moment to watch and share this film.  If you consume any animal products, you must watch this video to find out exactly where your food comes from.  Please take the time to share this with someone you love.  It is not only about the love for animals, but love for yourself.  You don't want to consume this kind of pain, fear, anguish, and disease.

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