Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delightful Finds!

I don't know why it took me so long, but I finally went to Lazy Jane's Cafe for breakfast this weekend with Patrick.  Our usual Chai Lattes and Gotham Bagels with tofu cream cheese weekend breakfast was getting a little old, so we decided to mix it up.  I had heard through the grape vine that Lazy Jane's carries a few vegan muffins and scones, and that they had one breakfast option that can be veganized, the Seitan Hash.  I called ahead and spoke with the cook, and he informed me of this and that they also had some vegan specials for breakfast that day.  So off we went!  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!  Not only did they have lemon scones, which I got of course, but they also had 2 vegan specials of a tofu scrambler and banana walnut pancakes.  I went with the pancakes, and they were delicious!  The scone was also delectable!  It was more like a muffin top, but I like the softer ones anyway.  The atmosphere was quite charming.  Lazy Jane's is a two story house that offers a homey feel for a great price!  Our meals together only cost $12!  They yell out your name when your food is ready and you bus your own tables.  I loved it!

I really do hope that they continue to have vegan specials and I plan to talk to the cook and ask to have more vegan options added to their regular menu, like a tofu scrambler and/or vegan pancakes/waffles.  It would be quite simple, and I think this would be beneficial to their business.  There are practically no places in town that have a good vegan breakfast.  Monty's does an okay job with their Almond French Toast, but their other options are lackluster and greasy.  Sunroom Cafe also has a tofu scrambler, but it isn't very good either.  If you can get a scramble down right, you will see the vegans running!  The only place that's gotten it right is the Chicago Diner.  Oh how I wish it were here in Madison!

So hear that Lazy Jane's?  We're waiting for you to fill that void!

I would also like to give a shout out to Kelly Peloza, The Vegan Cookie Connosieur herself!  You can check out her blog here: http://vegancookies.wordpress.com/.  She will be doing a food demo at Mad City Vegan Fest and she has also blogged about us!  This is shaping up to be a wonderful festival, so be sure to come to the event June 19, 10am-5pm!

And yet one more thing.  One of our vendors for MCVF is Chocolate Inspirations.  They have a wide variety of vegan and gluten free chocolates and desserts.  Their caramels look amazing!  I can't look at this site too long or I start to drool!

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  1. I love the seitan hash! If you order the vegan version it comes with lots of grilled peppers, onions, broccoli and topped with avocado. The vegan baked goods are a relatively recent addition there, I hope they add more vegan stuff to their regular menu. They have no vegan lunch options, seems they could easily do a tofu or seitan sandwich.