Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's over!  My cleanse is finally over!!  Don't get me wrong, I loved the cleanse.  I definitely felt better, when I wasn't overeating, that is.  Everyone in my family seems to have a problem with this.  I'll just have those days where I'll say f* it and then I'll have a free for all on as much food as I can consume.  Definitely an issue to iron out, but just all you overeaters out there, know that you're not alone.  We all have those days.  I think that I was having trouble esepcially here at the end, because I wanted bread and sweets so badly.  I went into the cleanse strong, but by the time week 2 rolled around, I had about had it.  I still did about 60/40 towards the end, but I was gorging myself on wayyyy too many nuts and nut butters.  This is why I think I may have actually gained weight, rather than lost it.  Oh well!  Time to put on the sneakers and hit the pavement in addition to the daily yoga practice. 

I'm definitely planning on continuing my daily juicing, but I'll probably cut back to one jar of juice a day instead of two.  I'm also continuing to eat a huge salad everyday.  Pretty much sticking to mostly raw foods, but I'm not going to be so strict to where I cut out sugar and wheat completely again.  I just realize from these past three weeks that limiting myself in such a way makes me act out in a destructive manner (overeating).  I've learned some good habits from this cleanse, like taking my daily probiotics and supplements, eating mostly raw, organic vegetables, dry brushing and meditation.  While I still have a long way to go, I think I have made some great strides.  I'm pretty much hooked on this raw lifestyle.  I'm going to cook occasionally still, but I'm enjoying my raw meals immensely.  I think I enjoy it so much, because it involves a great amount of creativity.  I look forward to the day when I can get an Excalibur Dehydrator! 

I do recommend trying a cleanse.  It's challenging and incredibly rewarding.  You'll pick up some good habits, and while you probably won't stick with it 100%, you'll be better for completing it.  Again, this was the cleanse from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet.

Anyway, the way I'm going to enjoy my first day of being off my cleanse is by having a delicious sprouted wheat bagel from Alvarado Street Bakery here with my homemade peanut butter!  (All organic, of course.)  Yum!  This was the only thing I bought on my trip to the co-op today that breaks my cleanse rules.  I pretty much bought all produce, with some groats and sunflower seeds thrown in there.  Allowing myself to have my bagel keeps me sane! 

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