Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post Cleanse Freak Out

Alright, so the cleanse made me freak out a bit...okay, a lot a bit.  I followed the cleanse for 3 weeks, not always sticking to the 60/40 ratio, but trying all the same.  Well, after it was over, I kind of went on a free for all.  I think I ate a total of 3 vegan chocolate chip scones from Whole Foods (it's the only thing I bought from there besides strawberries, I swear!).  I also ate a vegan Sheba Bar from the Willy St Co-op, a bagel from Gothem with scallion tofu cream cheese, a pint of Coconut Bliss, and 2 chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream frosting.  Yes, I went nuts!  (This was not in one day, mind you.)  It makes me glad that I started running again and do yoga everyday on top of it, so I can keep up with my eating habits.  :-P  Well, after going on my uber sugar binge last week, I've decided ENOUGH!  I'm not going to let me crazy binge eating and sweet tooth control me anymore.  I'm back on the cleanse, allowing myself up to 5 cheats a week.  This can include something very simple like a sprouted whole wheat bagel, or something naughty like a cookie.  Overall,  I'm trying to keep the number of cheats way down.  After starting back up on wheat I've noticed that I have an intolerance.  I don't think it's too severe, but my system works much better with wheat out of the equation. Symptoms of an intolerance can be gastrointestinal problems, chronic pain, depression, low blood iron levels, and more.  It is estimated that 1 in 7 people are Gluten Intolerant.  If you think you may have an intolerance to gluten, just cut it out of your diet for 3 weeks and see how you feel.  I felt great when I was on my cleanse, and now I feel crappy.  I noticed my system immediately freak out from the introduction to wheat back into my diet.  The most obvious being abdominal bloating. 

To find out more you can go to this website: http://www.wheatintolerance.org/

So I have another mylk to introduce to you.  One great thing about a raw diet is that it doesn't include wheat.  As I had blogged before, I'm completely addicted to Ani Phyo's raw mylks.  Well, I tried another: Cashew Banana Mylk.  Delicious!  I think I like it better than the Banana Buttermylk.  It's smooth and creamy with just enough sweetness.  Now, you can make this in any old blender, but you should really consider investing in a Vitamix.  You'll thank me later.  If you don't have a high speed bleder like this, you'll want to cut open the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds.  If you are cool enough to own a Vitamix, though, just throw the whole bean in there. 

Cashew Banana Mylk
Makes 4 servings

2 ripe bananas
1/2 cup pitted dates
1/2 cup cashews
1/2 vanilla bean (I used a whole one, bc I love vanilla!)
Pinch sea salt
5 cups water

Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth!  Will keep for two days in the fridge. 

So easy, delicious and nutritious!

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